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When a woman has scholarly inclinations there is generally something wrong with her sexual nature.

Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil (1886)

Just a friendly reminder that Nietzsche was rampantly sexist, regularly called women who didn’t submit to men “barbarous”, “charmless”, “mediocre”.

If you’re a woman with scholarly inclinations that lead you to adoring Nietzsche, just recall that he would have probably told you his age’s equivalent to “shut up, get back in the kitchen, and make me a sandwich”

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it was incredibly difficult for me to get through ‘beyond good and evil’ for this reason. in the middle of talking about something really interesting, he just fucking decides ‘i haven’t interrupted this with a sexist rant in a while’ and talks about how women can’t do philosophy because of their docile nature or some shit

like he wasn’t even just casually misogynistic like most people in the 1800s. he actively made a point of pushing his misogyny every fucking chapter. what the fuck dude

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In ecce homo he says that women who want equal rights are just infertile women who want to drag real/good women down, and he says that you can cure women by giving them babies.

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And let’s keep in mind that he was not the only worshipped philosopher who thought this way. A good many of your ‘faves’ were misogynistic fuckbags.

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I guess we can uh…put our knowledge…in you?
I’m not comfortable what this t-shirt is turning me into.

I am a scientist and I condone this message.


I guess we can uh…put our knowledge…in you?

I’m not comfortable what this t-shirt is turning me into.

I am a scientist and I condone this message.

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Throw roses into the abyss and say: ‘here is my thanks to the monster who didn’t succeed in swallowing me alive.’
Friedrich Nietzsche, Posthumous Fragments (via the-beauty-in-chaos-quotes)
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I think it’s cute that when I speak my mind loudly and with conviction, guys look to my fiancé like “dude, why can’t you control your woman?” and he just laughs in their dumb faces.

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is this even a kid show

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Just finished with my exams, thus wrapping up another semester. My practicals are due in a week. Then i can rest easy, at least for a while. And you can call me Aishwarya :P Have fun exercising!
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Congrats on the much-deserved rest, Aishwarya. Keep up the butt kicking!

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Calling All SSoT Twitter Users



Ok, Science Side of Tumblr, who’s got awesome twitters that we should be following? Reblog with your twitter handles!

You can find us at @sweetteascience, @alwaysscience, and @rachelwigginton.



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"I could be demure like
girls who are soft for
boys who are fearful of
getting an earful
but I gotta rock!
I’d rather be a ladyman

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Don’t mess with the cook.

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Ok, I'm curious. Write me up!
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(Original post: Tag for all posts: #noirproject. This one’s for mermaidskey, who’s been a great supporter and tumblr-friend for awhile.)

Y’know, sometimes I get jealous of those CSI guys.  They got everything in the world that can solve their case, and it’s totally free and takes five minutes.  I mean come on.  The rest of the time they get to party in whatever city their spinoff is all about.  It ain’t fair.  Why couldn’t I be fictional?

Instead, I gotta hire my own experts and crime labs.  If money’s tight, sometimes I babysit kids or mow lawns just to get someone to look at a fiber sample.  Wish I’d stayed in school.

But then there’s labcoats like the one I call The Mermaid, an oceanographer.  If I got a crime to solve on the waterfront, she’ll get up to her tattooed elbows in it before I even ask.  Mermaid’ll lend a hand just to prove that science works.

Spin an argument right and you’ll really start her engine—right on the tail of your perp.  

And she doesn’t stop ‘til she’s smacked ‘em with science.